UE - Ultimate Energetics

Heal & Transform your health & life with UE

Sessions are done by ONLINE (Video or voice calls) or in person.  

I will ask you 1-3 things that you are concerned about - your health, work, relationships, anything in life. 

I will be guided by spiritual guidance using my intuition and use UE energy to heal what is causing your issues. 

Unresolved emotions, past traumas, negative events in the past, chronic physical and mental limitations will be removed from you energetically and it is possible that your reality that you create in your mind will instantly be transformed. 

Are you looking for significant change in your life? 

 - Healing physical health issues and not depending on medication

 - Healing from your past traumatic experiences

 - Healing Emotional health issues and feeling happy and fulfilled 

 - Attracting a love relationship and meet your life partner

 - Attracting prosperity and abundance 

 - Finding passion in career/life

 - Letting go of mental limitations and fear and do what you love

Our thoughts create emotions and reality, so when you think and act differently, your new reality will be created with your new thoughts.

I am here to guide you to create a brand new life with your brand new thoughts. 

45 minutes -  CAD$80